Sneak Peek Wednesday: Deco Floral Clusters Sticker Book

If you’ve been following our work for a while you know that Wednesdays are all about the sneak peeks.  

Every Wednesday we share a 24 hour freebie printable on our website. This is an exclusive look at a collection we are working on releasing that week. This week we’re working on a gorgeous sticker book sheet. The Sneak Peek is in our Sweet Val color palette.

Grab your Sneak Peek Sampler on our website here: |Sneak Peek Download |


We’ll be releasing two sets this Friday. One will be an 87 page set of our much loved Color Love colors.  You’ll get our new sticker book page design in 87 of our classic Color Love Collection with colors that you’ll love all year round. The other an 87 Page set that features the page design a variety of color palettes we have showcased this year from Bree to Lime Twist.

Enjoy this peek at our upcoming set. Remember to grab it soon because it disappears in 24 hours.



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  • Please do not share the direct download link to files. Instead, link back to this post.

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