Friday Favorites: Paper Doilies & Oatmeal Cookies

Hello lovely friends!

How was your week? Are you excited for the official start of summer? If you’re not in the US I would love to know where you are visiting from.

Nicholas is sneaking away for a guys weekend in Dallas so I will have the house all to myself. He’s flying out later today and flying back Sunday night. I’m planning on doing all my cleaning today so that I can have a weekend of relaxing and crafting. But before I finish up my work list and jump into cleaning and I wanted to share this week’s FRIDAY FAVORITES!!!!

❤ Paper Doilies

If you’ve been tuning into our youtube channel, I know you’ve been wondering when these were going to be on the list. I just LOVE doilies! They are perfect for just about anything…. happy mail, planner and journal pages, holding delicious treats, impromptu coasters, the list could go on and on. I usually order them in bulk from Paper Mart. My favorites are the 6″ French Doilies. I also love the colored set from Recollections I picked up at Michaels.

I have a few I spotted on Blitsy in my cart because I love adding new designs and colors to my collection.


❤ HP Instant Ink

This little box brings me so much joy when it arrives because I no longer have to put my printing projects on hold because I ran out of ink…..ANNNNND I don’t have to run to the store only to find that they are sold out of the cartridge I need. We got an HP printer that is compatible with the HP Instant Ink Program last year and I have been loving it. We have an HP OfficeJet Pro 8610.

It’s a monthly plan based on the number of pages you print not the amount of ink you use. This is great for printing digital papers and jam packed sticker sheets! We’re currently on the largest one $9.99 a month for 300 pages. The printer sends a notification when ink is running low and HP sends you new ones before they run out. If you want to give it a try you can sign up here to get a free month.

HP INstant INK

❤ Graze Cookies & Black Tea

This little set is currently my jam! We got a sample pack in one of our semi-monthly Graze boxes a couple weeks ago. I loved it so much I had to get a box full of them. The set has Black Tea and two oatmeal raisin cookies. I love them because they are a great way to portion control. Let’s be real if I buy a bag of Oreos my self control jumps out the window, I will eat them all. By the time Nicholas goes to look for them they are all gone.

I also love that they are only 100 calories per pack. I’ve been using the black tea to make black tea lattes so I add on a few extra calories to it. Lately I’ve swapped out the milk to sweetened condensed milk for some added sweetness.

We used a friend’s code to sign up and we got our first and fifth box free, we’re hooked and on our 14th box. If you want to give Graze a try, register using this link to get your first and fifth box of yummy treats free.

Graze CookiesGraze Cookies

❤ Back ups to my Back ups

The last favorite for this week is super…. SUPER important and I’m so thankful I have it.

We have so many external hard drives and memory cards in our house. Only two of them are dedicated to my personal items like family photos & videos, my design portfolio and important life documents & files.

One of them did something unexpected this week, it died!!!! I plugged it in wanting to save some the new photos from our Father’s day beach trip on it and not a single one of our computers recognized it. Nicholas tried lots of things to make it work but nothing made it come back to life. I lost everything on it, over 500GB of my valuable data gone. I would have cried if I didn’t have my second one BECAUSE the second one is an exact copy of the one I lost.

It’s really important to back up your back ups because you never know when something will go wrong. I picked up a shinny new 4 TB Seagate to back up my remaining personal drive so that I am back to 2 drives.

seagate harddrive

Thank you for popping in to checkout my favorites for the week. If you didn’t already do so earlier in the week be sure to pick up the Design Spotlight. ♥ I look forward to seeing you next week ♥

Have a lovely weekend!



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