Friday Favorites: Planner Punch & Sugar

Have you done your let’s get the weekend started dance?

This week was full of lots of wonderful moments and pretty things. We celebrated Nicholas’s birthday on Saturday. We had a small party with friends and family. I ordered his favorite, sushi and it was yummy! We had Lobster Rolls, Spicy California Rolls, Spicy Tuna, and Sexy Mango Rolls.

I made his favorite tres leches cake. It had four layers with rhubarb creme and strawberries between each one and cream cheese whipped frosting drizzled with chocolate, all topped with strawberries and chocolate bits. It was beautiful until it started to slowly become the Leaning Tower of Pisa when Nicholas cut into it. I may have made it a bit on the tall side. It was a delicious mess.

This week I’m sharing five of my favorite things because I just couldn’t pick the top three to share.

❤ Sugar Paper LA Planner

I stopped by Target over the weekend. I was initially shopping for my sister and getting last minute things for the party but when I saw this beauty. I thought two things; ummmm where where you hiding that I hadn’t laid eyes on you and GET INTO MY BASKET! It’s a 2017 monthly/weekly planner but I couldn’t just leave it there. I’m planning on using flex date stickers on the inside and use it next year.

I haven’t thought about how to adapt the twenty-seventeen gold foil on the cover which is one of my favorite features. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you!

Sugar Paper LA planner

❤ Sticker Folder

I’m still crushing on this sticker folder I shared earlier this week. I love switching up colors and patterns so they make it really simple to change up my style. If you missed it catch up on these cute folders here, you’ll also find a video tutorial I shared on Youtube there. I’ve been uploading new videos every Monday.

Sticker Folder

❤ Ombre Pink Drink

I was on a journey to try all the Light Frapps that Starbucks has on their menu but when I got an app notification that there was an Ombre Pink Drink I had to give it a try.  It’s a mix of the Lime Refreshers, Passion Mango tea and coconut Milk. Have you given it a try? It really was beautiful, I just wish I could have tasted a little bit more of the Passion Mango Tea in it.

Starbucks Pink Ombre Drink

❤ We R Memory Keepers Planner Punch Board

When this arrived it truly was a HAPPY MAIL DAY!!! This Planner Punch Board is a girls best friend. It punches paper to fit ALL PLANNERS!! I got the punch board with the ring planner inserts and then the two punch inserts; one for spiral planners and the other for disc planners. I took my Quarter Box Medley sticker book I made for my Day Designer and punched some sheets to use in between my pages.

I can’t wait to make tab cards and accessories for my planners and journals.

I ordered mine from Michaels along withe some other goodies. I’ve searched and you can also find them on Blitsy: Punch Board, Disc Inserts, Spiral Inserts. When I checked Amazon this morning they had a few left in stock. Planner Punch, Disc Inserts and Spiral Inserts.

Planner Punch

❤ Wax Seal

This is such a beautiful finishing touch to any card or happy mail. I took my wax seal out for my sister’s birthday card I sent out this week. I get so much joy when I get to use it. My favorite is green sealing wax. I have some bright red and purple I got for christmas but they just don’t have the sparkle that this one has. I’ve got my eye on a set of peach and bronze I’ve been wanting to try.

Wax Seal

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Friday Favorites ♥ See you next week ♥

Have a lovely weekend!



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