Announcing Design Spotlight Tuesdays: Juneberry Geo Floral Sticker Book

I am so excited to announce that Nicholas and I have designed a printable set to share with you every week! YES! You read that right every week!!! And we are calling it Design Spotlight Tuesday. Sometimes it will be a design spotlight of a collection we’ve designed in the past in an exclusive color palette for the month and sometimes it will be a first look at designs we are planning on releasing as a printable collection.

Come back every Tuesday for fun and beautiful designs to download. We will be working on adding collections and colors every month, so if you have a color or design theme in mind send us an email and we will add them to our design list for an upcoming Design Spotlight Tuesday .

If you read our post for this month’s wallpaper set you know June’s color palette is Juneberry. We’re sharing a look at our Geo Floral Sticker Book collection that we released in the shop a few weeks ago in Juneberry!!!!

Juneberry Geo Floral Stickerbook pages

We’ve also included a bonus paper design that you can use as a cover if you want to create a sticker book with the set.

Juneberry Geo Floral Stickerbook

Get your copy of the Geo Florals Sticker Book in Juneberry here: | DOWNLOAD |

Here’s a flip thru of the completed sticker book cover included. I put it together using an long reach stapler.



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Sticker Paper | Avery Sticker Paper | Glossy Sticker Paper | Card Stock | Long Reach Stapler


  • Personal use only. Files are © 2017 Little Blue Garden
  • Please do not share the direct download link to files. Instead, link back to this post.

10 thoughts on “Announcing Design Spotlight Tuesdays: Juneberry Geo Floral Sticker Book

  1. Hi Sophia and Nicholas!
    Thank you for the lovely Geo Floral Stickers!
    Some bright orange or yellow for Summer would be fun!
    As for me,i can never have too much Purple or Grape!
    Thanks for taking suggestions.
    I’m still loving the IWP color editable PDF stickers I purchased a while back.
    Stay motivated and blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Madeline! I’m happy to hear you’re still loving the IWP editable set! They are some of my favorites because I don’t have to write the same things over and over again. I hope you love using these as well. I’ve made a note on bright colors for summer 😉


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